Questions, comments, or concerns about your property? Don’t be shy! Let us know how we can help by contacting our customer care team.

  • Customer Care – (360) 787-7394

If this request is for Appliances, please contact your Manufacturers directly:

  • Frigidaire / Electrolux – (855) 224-4987
  • GE Appliances – (800) 432-2737
  • Whirlpool / KitchenAid – (877) 947-4334

For EMERGENCIES (electrical, plumbing or HVAC) call our EMERGENCY LINE at (360) 787-7411


Homeowner Customer Care


Let’s talk about your home! Submit a message or contact us using the information below.

* Materials availability, ability to access your home, trade partner scheduling, and other extenuating circumstances (i.e. severe weather, COVID-19) may impact the speed at which we are to bring resolution to your issue.

** It is common for these items to crack multiple times inside the first full year as the house settles. We recommend waiting for your 1-year review to allow seasonal expansion and contraction of your home. After the first year, these will become regular


Please submit your warranty request using the form below to request service for the following items:

  • Service calls for items identified within 30 days of closing
  • Scheduling your one-time courtesy grout, caulk, paint, and drywall touch-up
  • Setting an appointment for your one-year warranty review