Job Summary:

The Customer Service Manager is responsible for managing all Customer Service operations and personnel by implementing and maintaining systems and procedures which will ensure all warranty calls are completed within quality standards, according to specified cycle time, within allotted budgets, and achieving division and company customer satisfaction goals. This person is a front-line ambassador for Holt Homes and represents the company with the highest level of integrity, character, professionalism, courtesy, and ethics.



  • Minimum of 10 years of Customer Service experience
  • Minimum of 5 years of managerial experience
  • Minimum of 10 years of Residential Construction experience
  • Ability to perform physical requirements of job, including but not limited to stooping, use of ladders, lifting 75 pounds, and traversing rough terrain
  • Must be able to work in adverse weather
  • Current, valid driver’s license and minimum state required liability insurance
  • Have advanced computer skills with experience in Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Outlook), and internet-based programs such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome
  • Schedule – % of working remotely
  • Knowledge of principles for providing quality customer service and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Maintain a professional demeanor and appearance to Holt Homes’ standards


  • Memorable customer service skills with the ability to de-escalate high-tension interactions with homebuyers
  • Experience with Punchlist Manager preferred
  • Knowledge of 2-10 Warranty preferred
  • Ability to prioritize and multi-task
  • Need strong follow-up skills
  • Adapt to an ever-changing environment


  • Monitor budget for variances and approve or disapprove all customer service/warranty payments and/or back charges.
  • Support customer relations in order to achieve a 95% customer referral rate.
  • Ensure all Customer Service personnel are maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between contractors and internal employees at the division level.
  • Resolve any homeowner conflicts during the warranty process, which cannot be effectively handled by CSR.
  • Continually evaluate the effectiveness of the warranty schedule and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Monitor warranty cycle time to ensure division goals on warranty completion cycle time are being met.
  • Assist in the resolution on any construction quality issues that become apparent during the warranty period.
  • Assist in the resolution on any lawsuits, which may impact or be impacting the warranty department.
  • Ensure warranty costs are captured by item and/or cost code to identify areas for improvement.
  • Ensure CSRs documenting and properly communicating variance data in order to identify performance and budget overruns and customer satisfaction shortfalls.
  • Provide management team with regularized reports (weekly/monthly/quarterly) in support of achieving customer satisfaction goals.
  • Produce and monitor monthly management reports on pertinent employee data. (Customer satisfaction, warranty cycle time, PONC warranty costs, etc.).
  • Understand the issues and support the construction practices for avoiding water intrusion, creation of mold and subsequent requirements for mold remediation.
  • Continually develop and solicit feedback on ways to reduce construction and warranty costs.
  • Enforce quality standards for materials, workmanship, and final product.
  • Review Final Quality inspections to improve quality of final product delivered to our customers.
  • Assist the Construction Operations Team in ensuring the division is continually networking for and hiring the best contractors in terms of their attitude, quality, value, and approach to business.
  • Solicit feedback and provide support to CSRs for handling contractor conflicts and make final decisions regarding resolution of issues.
  • Assist in training new contractors in all division policies and procedures.
  • Solicit feedback and provide support to CSRs for handling contractor conflicts and make final decisions regarding resolution of issues.
  • Assist in training new contractors in all division policies and procedures.
  • Solicit feedback from contractors on areas for improvement and ways to strengthen the division/contractor relationship.
  • Provide effective and concise documented feedback on product performance in the warranty environment.
  • Make recommendations on product and specification improvements with specific and realistic cost benefit analysis. Provide alternatives that will decrease overall costs.
  • Work with other team members and managers to continually value engineer all plans and make recommendations for improvement or changes.


Work Environment:

  • Regularly use a computer and/or iPad with repeated movements to enter data, differentiate between colors, shades and brightness, and read from a computer screen for extended periods of time
  • Physical activity involving the handling of average and heavy objects, regularly standing, crawling, bending or stooping.
  • Drive often to job sites to inspect and/or meet with homeowners
  • Regularly interact with homeowners, trade partners, and the office administrative staff